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Jordan - Aqaba , Box 77110 | Tel : +962790796482 | Fax : +96232058488

Classical, Archaeological and Historical Tours
Jordan is considered one of the smallest countries with a population which is around 6 million and area of 89,000 SKM, but it could offer weeks of unique touring experience because of the wide diversity of Jordan all the year in the different seasons.
Whether you are looking for archaeological sites from different ages where is Jordan has been the meeting point for the most famous civilizations,
Or looking for adventure and exploring nature of unique desert, mountainous area, green forests, marine life and breath taking canyons,
Or simply looking for vacation of relaxation extended from days to weeks,
Jordan will give you the best choice of planning your vacation. That is why Jordan Echo Tours designed various tour itineraries covering the main highlights of Jordan, depending on the length of your vacation. Our team would work to provide the best and the most recommended within the time you will have.
As we will provide some samples of tours but still we have much more to offer upon any of special requests.

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