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Wadi Rum – The Valley of the Moon

“Rum the magnificent vast… echoing and God like”

                                                                Lawrence of Arabia

The most spectacular desert scenery in the world of Wadi Rum located in south of Jordan. Dramatic beauty of wonderful sand stones mountains with different colors from white to pink more to red will provide that unique experience in the ideal sites for trekking which combined with local Bedouin experience of travelling and camping. The high red sand dunes, narrow canyons, low valleys (wadies ),terrains and tall mountain created by hundred millions years of erosion and volcanic activities . Wadi Rum is the home of Bedouins the soul of the Jordanian culture who lived there for hundred years are more continuation for the same values and traditions of many nomadic Arabian tribes passed from  the time of Nabataeans and Thamodians  left the inscriptions you could see in different places there .

Today Wadi Rum is protected area covering 720skm run by ASEZA and RSCN managed locally by the same Bedouins who offer their services by Jeep tours, guiding, camel riding and camping.

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