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Jordan - Aqaba , Box 77110 | Tel : +962790796482 | Fax : +96232058488 [email protected]

Jordanو the kingdom of peace is located in the heart of the Middle East. As it was in the heart of ancient world and the holly lands, Jordan has been always the land of meeting .The meeting of the most famous civilizations which left their witnesses from Um Qais in the north down to Petra in the south
The meeting of the holly routes followed by Prophets and saints like Moses, Jesus and Mohammad (peace upon them) with their stories to make Jordan one the main pilgrimage sites for the believers of the main religions and faithful men .
The meeting spot for different natural wide diversity of the tall evergreen mountains, to the lowest spots of Dead sea , breath –taking canyons, from the most unique and amazing deserts of Wadi rum and Wadi Araba to the treasures of marine life of the Red sea at Aqaba
That would make Jordan the most ideal destination to plan your next vacation of explore, adventure, relaxation and cultural tours.

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